In a musical climate where radio-ready albums are routinely produced in basements and on laptops, it’s no surprise that commercial recording studios the world over are shutting their doors. But where others have packed it in and admitted defeat, R1N sees great opportunity. We recognize that our industry is in a period of transition, that the rule book for finding success in music is being rewritten, and we believe that under these conditions the recording studio is uniquely positioned to offer extreme value to a new generation of musicians.

We see new means to foster artist-development relationships and help emerging musicians hone their craft. We see new channels for bands to develop and leverage their fanbases to a degree that has never before been possible. We see untapped revenue streams for artists, ripe to be exploited. In short, we see a newly democratized music industry, a truly level playing field on which with enough dedication and hard work, any musician can find success.

Given this outlook, we’ve envisioned a new role for the modern recording studio. While the studio has traditionally been one piece of the larger puzzle, one step of many in a musician’s path to success, we aspire to something greater. We don’t just want to record your album. We want to empower you to reach the point where you are ready to make that album, and be there when it’s done to help guarantee that it’s successful. To that end, we’ve set up shop in Asheville, NC to not only provide a comfortable yet uncompromising studio environment, but to offer an all-encompassing suite of resources designed to help emerging musicians navigate the new musical frontier as it unfolds before them. We offer education, tools, and a general sense of community for anybody who is looking to make a serious investment in their success as a musician.

Though R1N is and will always be a spot where people can come together to make great records, it’s also more than that.

It’s a one-stop hub for anybody looking to chart a course through the music industry as it exists today on their own terms.