Here is what recording studio time costs for each of the services we offer at R1N:

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How much does recording studio time cost?

Demo Recording

$50per song
  • Demo recordings are made very quickly with only a handful of microphones, limited overdubs, and minimal mixing and mastering.

Standard Rate

$30per hour
  • Applies to standard studio services, which include pre-production, tracking, overdubbing, editing, and mixing.

Special Flat Rate

$250per song
  • Rate is all inclusive, and applies to anything and everything we need to do to turn your song from an idea in your head to a finished master recording.

How much does mastering cost?

Audio Mastering

$50*per song
  • * $75 per song if stem mastering is required.

What is mastering?

Where mixing involves making tweaks to the level, balance, stereo image, tone, and frequency content of the individual tracks that make up a song, mastering involves making these same tweaks in the context of the song as a whole (in the form of a 2-track tape recording or interleaved stereo audio file.)

The purpose of mastering is twofold: to 1.) punch up your songs with a final coat of sheen and polish, and 2.) increase their perceived loudness to a release-ready level (usually peaking around -9 or -8 RMS). Mastering is also the stage where the song-to-song cohesion of your album is evaluated and improved if necessary.

Stem mastering involves the same process described above, but applied to separate “stems,” or groups of alike sound sources (e.g. “drums,” “guitars,” “vocals,” etc.), as opposed to the full 2-track mixdown file. Stem mastering allows for a more subtle, complex, and detail oriented approach to mastering. It can also serve as a form of insurance (or at least added flexibility), since it leaves the door open to completely remaster the song at a later date.

How much does it cost to record an album?

For full length projects (like albums), we offer block discounts for savings beyond our $250 per song flat rate. Please provide us with a few details about your project, and we’ll be in touch with a quote within 48 hours:

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